Sharps Learning

As a profession, we owe it to our pupils to offer them learning that will give them the knowledge and skills to manage their own lives, instil in them a desire to go on learning and allow them to look back, years later, and reflect that it was all worth it. For the nations next generation, the world really is their oyster. We have to help them to learn how to open it up.

Mick Waters, 2014

At Sharps Copse, we are strongly committed to providing all of our pupils with interesting, purposeful and memorable learning experiences. The skills and knowledge taught builds on previous learning and provides a background and appetite for future learning. Our curriculum teaches the skills and knowledge needed for life in the modern world with a strong focus on social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness. The National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum are taught through authentic and challenging themes and activities in contexts that are meaningful to our pupils and broaden their life experiences.

We are an inclusive school and and adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of individual children so that no one is discriminated against for any reason including  gender, race,  disability or belief. Our inclusion team work operate a system of referrals and shared expertise and work with teachers to ensure the curriculum and additional provisions are personalised to the needs of the child to ensure equality.