Pupil Premium

Summary and School Organisation

Pupil premium is used to support children and their families in receipt of this funding.

The pupil premium is a part of a larger programme of support for children and families in our school. It has given us the opportunity to build on expertise and put in numerous provisions.

It has allowed us to put in place a significant pastoral system supporting families (parents and children).

We have an established outdoor classroom available to be used by all classes and staff to support and advise on how to make best use of the facility.

We allocate a significant amount of our resources to ensure we have trained personnel to deliver interventions and specialist programmes to meet the needs of the children, allowing them to meet their full potential at our school.

Children are placed in additional provisions as necessary and particular to their individual needs. The provisions are whole school provisions where children receive what they need in order to maximise their progress and attainment, children in receipt of pupil premium are an integral part of this. The progress of children receiving Pupil Premium is monitored, as one of the vulnerable groups within the school, by the SENCo and the Headteacher using school data and nationally published data.

Our organisation is flexible and varied and involves teaching in a variety of styles and provisions. All decisions regarding organisation and deployment of staff are based on recognised need. The provisions we have in place maximise our opportunity to quickly identify and support children with the correct interventions.

Desired outcomes from Pupil Premium pupils

  • To close the gap between PP children and Non PP children
  • To raise self esteem and confidence
  • To enrich children’s lives with a variety of experiences and opportunities

Evidence from OFSTED: successful approaches

  • PP funding ring- fenced to spend on a target group (year 1, year 2, SALT)
  • Maintained high expectations of target group (Pupil progress meetings)
  • Thoroughly analysis of which pupils are under achieving and why. (PP meetings, SEN Meetings)
  • Highly trained support staff (HLTA SALT, ASD, ELSA, FEIPS)
  • Able to demonstrate impact (Data above, reduction in out-of-class numbers, attendance, Pupil Plans, SEN Referrals, Pupil Progress Meetings)

Pupil Premium

How is Pupil Premium Money Spent?

Additional provisions to aid academic achievement

  • Additional teachers in year 1, 2, 3, 4 – smaller classes
  • Reading Recovery team
  • Specialised TAs in Speech and Language
  • Private SALT
  • Training and delivery of specific maths interventions

The money is used towards pastoral provision

  • Parent Support worker
  • Lunchtime support (social club)
  • Member of staff trained as ELSA
  • Nurture staff working as additional adults in Year 1 and Year 2 to support these children in transferring skills.
  • Additional transition for vulnerable children to secondary school
  • School Counsellor
  • Team of Learning Mentors

Provision to benefit all

  • PE specialist
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Subsidising of school trips and residentials


Pupil Premium Statement 2023-2024

Pupil premium statement 22-23 (002)

Pupil Premium Statement 2021 – 2022